Rinse Cycle EP

by Grandchamp

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All songs recorded at Capp Audio Productions
Produced by Grandchamp
Engineered by Steve Capp


released July 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Grandchamp Des Moines, Iowa

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Track Name: Wasting Words
I love the way we waste those words
and how we sing straight through the hurt
I'd say play it cool but hell, we're at war
so I'll buy you a drink, together we'll relieve our sores

We're all playing a game of musical chairs
hoping we get down before the music stops
but I invite you to stand up straight, I'll help you up
prove to them together we're not so obedient

Started in the valley so humble like foot rocks
but you invited me to climb the cliff
attracted by a promise that you'd shoot me to the top
but you overshot

These dark animals don't seem to bite
they'll tear you up with the blink of an eye
and these dark clouds don't like to lie, I can't complain,
they'll shoot you the truth, and it'll drive you insane

All I want, all I want is to believe
in myself, in myself, in someone else
All I want, all i want, is to believe
In my soul, in my soul,
in something
Track Name: Matt
All these changes happening
it's hard to tell where I left off when the summer ended
the empty stadium looming in the distance
waiting for the same thing that happened the past twenty years
SUVs roll by indifferent to the scenery
of empty fields and shopping malls
I was your first call to get you in the morning
from that house that you call home

All the grating and creaking
were just the secrets inside your walls
all the bruises left behind
couldn't cover up their tracks
all the smokers unaware
of the emissions gathering
rising up to your ceiling
You always had some trouble breathing

When you unleashed the secrets stuck inside your walls
the colors spilled out changing my whole scenery
the alcohol spilling from the table
across the room, a woman plotting out her freedom
Two young girls are crying in the corner
muted by the tension like a television set
with all these changes happening
it's hard to tell where I left off when the summer ended
Track Name: Keep Me Where I Am
I'm standing at the water's edge, I was left here to dry,
now the air soaked in my eyes and it appears I'm living in disguise 'Cause my gills just weren't ready for this increased oxygen, where can I start but to begin this process of diving in? Foreshadowing it echoes through the halls into your room; it's all clear what made this true and now the thing that hurts the most is the window. Serving as a magnifying glass I picked it up, built it all around myself and now I don't think that I can ever get out

Every night these little patterns come flying in above my head, whisper in my ear, how come I'm not dead and
Keep Me Where I Am

I'm sitting in the station, all the smoke's coming alive poking out its head and arms and spine, maybe there's a place somewhere to hide
'Cause I started getting cagey when they took my front porch away, the girl with flowers in her eyes , she'll be uprooted as soon as she learns to cry
Track Name: Guerrilla Mask
If I can find another reason to abide
if I can find another safe place to hide
I tried so hard to find the light
but it shone so hard upon me, oh my what a sight

These days are all fading away
like the northern canyon, fog so thick and gray
but if I can pierce this veil of unending self shame
I'll stick my head through, to relieve all the pain

I cannot feel these stories in my head
I cannot dream will tomorrow be instead
If I can just let out another little breath
leave let these poor dreams to do the rest

The clouds were moving so quickly across the amber sky
the mouths were all aching after another sleepless night
the light surrounded the dark room that we were stuck inside
leaving just the window glowing as we stared out into the night
Track Name: Math Song
You said take your sweet sweet time living in disguise
on the bleachers I saw you cry, tears drowning right through your eyes
Through the formula I jumped I ran I tried
to fit somewhere among the variables
the patterns purely woven inside

but I got lost somewhere in calculation
and if this is truly unsolvable
all the colors bled through to wash out the equation
and now I'm swimming through this channel of one-thousand prisms

Woe, the air is cold
you can tell by the sight of our breath
Oh, the air is cold
you can tell by the condition of our hearts